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Christopher McAuley



Christopher moved to the Netherlands in 2016 to study Circus Arts at Codarts University Rotterdam where he specialised in trapeze. Since graduating in 2020, Christopher has worked as an acrobat and aerialist across Europe and Ireland and is currently on tour with EXIT by Circumstances/Piet van Dycke.

With his solo career, he draws inspiration from identity and societal topics, touching upon human emotion, vulnerability and growth, seeking authenticity with all created. His previous work explored his identity as a queer male and his acceptance of his natural femininity. This has sparked his research into who and what he is on stage, and how this can be shown.

He stumbled upon circus through a community-based project aimed at children from working-class families, and so he has a strong connection to the work at CORPO. At CORPO, Christopher will be crunching numbers and helping us with future funding applications.

Christopher McAuley
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