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Jessica Hellmuth

Instructor and Initiator

In 2016 Jessica moved to Rotterdam from her home in Colorado to study at Codarts Circus Arts where she specialized in aerial rope. After graduating in 2020, she created a solo performance called Corpomorphologisitcs where she explored her body as it related to her discipline, perception and society. While doing work-in-progress showings she noticed how much people related to her questions and struggles with her body, and how sharing them through art initiated conversation, empathy and in the end quite special connections.

This along with her struggle to find a community in Rotterdam inspired her to turn her artistic practice away from the traditional stage and towards community building. At the end of 2021 she discovered the W1555 association and their open call for public initiatives to run a studio, and decided to take the leap into a world she found interesting but hadn't gotten to know yet.

Jessica is passionate about art and its power to heal and connect and she is learning more and more about the important roles inclusivity and diversity have in our daily lives. She loves teaching, making and performing and alongside teaching at CORPO will be creating a collaborative exhibition called Omnicorpomuta.

Jessica Hellmuth
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