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Running a space involves many jobs and skillsets, so volunteers are always welcome!

No matter your skills, if you'd like to contribute to CORPO, it will be a great help. 

Volunteer perks are also possible to discuss, like more access to the studio.


Proposals are always welcome!

Can you...

Write an application?

Cook for an event?

Translate English to Dutch?

Manage communications?

Run the instagram?

Moderate a community meeting?

Update the website?

Be a contact person for artists?

Design a logo?

Write a newsletter?

Co-organize an event?

Be a part of a working group?

Donate furniture?

Share events in your network?

CORPO is also a place to explore your own ideas for workshops, community meetings, and events.

Have an idea for a workshop but need to try it out first? We can work with you and the community to develop your ideas.

Find a topic that you want a safe space to discuss? CORPO can host and help facilitate your discussions.

Have a project which fits with the goals of the studio? Propose a collaboration to figure out ways we can help each other out. 

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