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In the last week of each month, CORPO will host an artist or company who will take over the studio for one week with their project, idea, or research question.


Art Form - Any

Duration - 7 days

Location -  Rotterdam South

Frequency - Monthly 


53 m2 studio part of De Hillevliet Cultural hub 

Promotion on social media and website

Potential performance or exhibition opportunity 

Unfortunately we don't offer any monetary/financial support


There must be at least one moment in which the work is opened to or involves the neighborhood. The moment can for example be a workshop, exhibition, showing, or open studio day. This is because the studio is a community space, and it is important that the art moving through the studio is also shared! The moment can also be used as an opportunity to get feedback or research inclusivity in your project.

We are happy to discuss what would suit your project best and help support making it happen.


A goal of CORPO is to promote artistic research about the body in society and to be a platform which helps represent the diversity our bodies have to offer. Because of this, there is special interest in projects which have to do with 'the body' as a topic and companies which take diversity and inclusion into account when making their decisions.

Applicants from anywhere are welcome, but there is not any accommodation or travel support available. 


Your application can be sent to:

In PDF format please include:

    - introduction to company or artist(s)

            > your location and background

            > if you have a current or previous connection to Rotterdam or Charlois

    - introduction to project

            > what art form(s) are used

            > what is the inspiration/motivation behind your idea?

            > how would you use your Research Week?

            > if you have plans for the future of the project (also ok if you don't have this yet)

            > if possible, explain the relation to the human body and how you work with this

    - description of how you take diversity and inclusion into account in your company/project, how you plan to in the future, and/or what knowledge or resources you need in order to do this

    - proposal for way to share your project with the neighborhood during the week

    - available weeks which are the last in their month when you would like your research week to take place

Currently available Research weeks: 

All Research weeks for the period April - Sept 2024 are already planned 

Please follow our social media to stay updated for the next open call. 

Feel free to email with any questions, we looking forward to your proposals!

Want to be involved in the studio program or help out with the organization of a research week? Check out the Get Involved page:

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