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Studio Rent 

We operate on the principle of value exchange, so we have differing rates per situation:

Commercial / Funded Projects:

- 120 euros per day

- 25 euros per hour

Private or Startup Projects:

- 60 euros per day

- 20 euros per hour

We also offer Collaborator Rates:


If you cannot pay the rates above but need a space and are interested in CORPO, contact us about exchanging collaboration for space!



For all enquiries contact us at

to find out when it is available!

Get to Know the Studio

Studio area: 53m²

Shared kitchenette and toilets are available.


The total dimensions are about 6.40m wide and 8.30m long with 3.30m of height. The floor material is made out of linoleum, with an optional dance floor in the center area. The studio is located on the second floor of the building, there is a lift which makes it wheelchair accessible. There are large windows which allow a lot of natural light to come through. 

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