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The CORPO studio serves as a meeting point for artists and Charlois locals. With this in mind we organize classes and events that provide various ways for community members to participate and meet people, get to know their bodies, present their work, or simply relax and have a fun time.  


CORPO runs regular classes which invite participants to practice ways of exploring their body or learn skills having to do with catering to your unique body. These classes are meant to be light hearted and interactive, introducing ideas and letting you explore them at your own pace

The studio is also a place to simply enjoy an exhibition, performance  or gathering. Work artists create in the space is regularly opened to the public along with other organized events. When this isn't the case, always feel free to do a walk by, where you can participate in or enjoy a sneak peak of new projects through the window exhibitions



You can also visit CORPO Cafe with your own idea, or simply to sit with a coffee and enjoy some company. Tuesdays and Saturdays the studio door is open for you to visit for a coffee and chat, give feedback or use the reading material, craft supplies, or space

This program is designed to be collaborative, so it is also up to you to help develop it in a way that will suit you. This can be through providing feedback, responding to open calls, or by volunteering to help out around the studio or in an organizational group. 

To look more into how to do this, check out the Get Involved page:

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