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The CORPO studio serves as a meeting point for artists and locals. With this in mind we organize classes and events that provide various ways for community members to participate and meet people, get to know their bodies, present their work, or simply relax and have a fun time.  


A guided movement session in which we aim to create space for different bodies to experience movement and dance in an accessible and collaborative way.

The sessions happen on Wednesdays at 18:30.

Skill Sharing Group

A series of workshops in which artists, enthusiasts and hobbyists share their skills and knowledge on a topic related to the body. You can attend the workshops of the others or give a workshops yourself.  

The sessions happen twice a month, on Wednesdays at 18:00. 

Other Activities

CORPO organises a wide variety of non-regular activities ranging from workshops, performances, open rehearsals, open studios, dinners, exhibitions, etc. You can check our Sign up page for upcoming activities or follow us on Instagram for the latest updates! 

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