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This is for anyone who wants to share or learn new things and is open for the spontaneous to inspire them in unexpected ways. A coming together with a session hosted each time by somebody else (who might just be you!) You could share skills or knowledge from your practice or perhaps that one hobby that you've been diving into lately. The space is here to share and inspire each other. Each session is an invitation to make new work or live your life with a new perspective.

We picked the theme of this to be centered around the body - in every and each way that can be interpreted. We intend it to be an interdisciplinary exploration, so a diverse set of passions, hobbies, practices and skills are welcome. In the last half a year the sessions varied from clowning to self-love letters to medicinal music or to abstracting the body through visual arts tools. We are curious and excited about the new topics that shall come! 

There will be 2 sessions each month, on Monday evenings, sometimes bi-weekly, sometimes two weeks in a row.


Per session there is a suggested donation of around €5, to support the material costs and the studio. The other option is signing up for the whole season (8 sessions between April - September 2024) by paying a one-time fee of €30.

Host your own session!

Are you interested in sharing your skills and/or knowledge with others? Host a Skill Sharing Session with us! 

Currently available dates for hosting: 

9 September

16 September

Feel free to email us for further questions:

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