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Voice in Movement

Voice in Movement is an interdisciplinary proposal crossed by the integrative experience of singing and dance. The principles that underpin it are based on self-awareness; body-mind assimilation; voice, breath and movement integration; studying the anatomical structure of the vocal tract, as well as the physiological connection between our body systems and our voices; and meeting the authentic and creative potential in voice and movement.

Using the Alexander Technique, Body-Mind Centering® and the Rabine Method, Voice in Movement offers a journey of exercises where participants can recognise the already existing bridge between their consciousness and the material structure of their body, mainly their vocal, respiratory and muscular systems.


Noticing a lack of dance movement proposals that include the voice in their methodologies, singing artist and teacher Luz and the dance artist Clara, who is also part of our team, decided to combine these different disciplines in a practical, integrative and accessible way. 

The sessions will take place ONCE a month on the first Wednesday of the month, in the form of an ongoing course. The workshop is open to all ages, with a greater focus on adults who are interested in deepening their body awareness through dance and singing.


The price of the sessions will be on a sliding scale basis, with 3 options based on your income category (you can appreciate for yourself what is affordable):



About Luz

Luz Dominguez is an Argentinian singer and Alexander Technique teacher based in Oud Charlois. She gives singing lessons to all levels using the Rabine Method (vocal technique) in combination with the Alexander Technique (body movement technique). Both techniques aim for the integration of the person as a whole to perform any desired activity with pleasure and better coordination. She is continuously learning about the vocal system and its connection to the rest of the body.

About Clara

Clara Brito is a Brazilian dance artist and educator interested in researching strategies for transdisciplinary and somatic body experiences that integrate its physiological, creative, therapeutic and socio-political layers. Graduated with a Dance Degree from the Federal Institute of Brasília (2019), post graduate in Sociopsychology with the Foundation School of Sociology and Politics of São Paulo (2022) and Masters student of Dance Movement Therapy at Codarts University of Arts (2025), she studied classical dance (1997 - 2015), the contemporary dances (2013 - 2023) and the methods of Somatic Education Body-Mind Centering® and Bartenieff Fundamentals (2013 - 2023). Since 2014, she has been carrying out projects of dance classes in schools, studios, social projects and currently she’s working with dance for neurodivergent children. As the newest member of the CORPO team, joining in December 2023, she's inspired to co-propose artistic and embodied encounters grounded in dance, education and psychology specific contents.

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