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Movement Jams

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With the movement jams we aim to create space for different bodies to experience movement and dance in an accessible and collaborative way. The main intention of our meetings is to encourage participants to increase their body awareness and autonomy, and to experience movement with joy, respect, authenticity and co-responsibility.

The movement Jam

This season’s movement jams will be guided by CORPO team member Clara Brito. She will use psychosomatic sensitisations from various somatic education methods such as BMC® and LBMS. We’ll visit sensorimotor, improvisational and compositional movement exercises which will be structured individually, in duos, trios and as a group. They are designed to stimulate the anatomophysiological structures of the body, as part of an integrated organism in relation to self and others, to expand each participant's movement vocabulary, and to explore in dialogue the multiple layers that cross each different body.


All ages are welcome to join the sessions and no previous experience is required as one of the main principles of the methods used is based on accessibility and creative embodied exploration!


The price of the sessions will be on a sliding scale basis, with 3 options based on your income category (you can appreciate for yourself what is affordable):



About Clara

Clara Brito is a Brazilian dance artist and educator interested in researching strategies for transdisciplinary and somatic body experiences that integrate its physiological, creative, therapeutic and socio-political layers. Graduated with a Dance Degree from the Federal Institute of Brasília (2019), post graduate in Sociopsychology with the Foundation School of Sociology and Politics of São Paulo (2022) and Masters student of Dance Movement Therapy at Codarts University of Arts (2025), she studied classical dance (1997 - 2015), the contemporary dances (2013 - 2023) and the methods of Somatic Education Body-Mind Centering® and Bartenieff Fundamentals (2013 - 2023). Since 2014, she has been carrying out projects of dance classes in schools, studios, social projects and currently she’s working with dance for neurodivergent children. As the newest member of the CORPO team, joining in December 2023, she's inspired to co-propose artistic and embodied encounters grounded in dance, education and psychology specific contents.

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