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Cozy Winter at CORPO

Hello lovely people,

We thank you for joining us for these first months of CORPO, but we aren't done with this year just yet. In this month's newsletter you can read about our last events of 2022, exciting workshops coming in January, and about how our first Research Week went!

December Events

WODANCO Jam Session Thursday 15th Dec, 18-20:00 Free event

Join us at CORPO for a dance and movement jam dedicated to women and femmes! In this safe space held by Julia Quintanilla, we will be exploring our femininity through our bodies, through movement and through dance. Together we will celebrate what it means to be a womxn with a unique, lovely and moving body. The jam is open for any women/femmes eager to experience the joy of movement, no dancing background needed. This event will also serve as a taster for Julia’s upcoming project, WODANCO, which you can read more about further in the newsletter.

Tailbone Cozy Winter Pop Up

Saturday 17th Dec,


Free entry

Tailbone is a sex positive shop for curious folks with a beautiful assortment of erotic, educational and care based products run by Roni who operates right in our neighborhood. We are absolutely ecstatic to have Tailbone as our first pop up shop, just in time for the holidays!

Come by and meet other sweet folks over mulled wine and tea ☕️. Find last-minute gifts for the people that light up your life 🎁 or get your questions answered about your own curiosities 🔮

Tailbone is a sex-positive, body-positive web and popup shop that centers everything Queer, creative and erotic.

❤️We will have books for adults and teens about the body.

❤️We will have organic vulva-shaped soaps and DIY floggers.

❤️There will be gender-affirming underwear and binders to try on and find your perfect fit.

❤️And we will have cards set up in a cozy corner for conversation and connection.

Down the street, Rib Art Gallery will be having an exhibition opening with live performances at 20:30 and 21:00.

We hope to see you there.

Tailbone x CORPO

New Year, New Workshops

WODANCO 3 month workshop for Womxn dancers/movers Starting January 18th 60 euros (for all 8 sessions)

WODANCO is a project by Julia Quintanilla researching how to build an intersectional feminist dance platform to connect womxn dancers by working together and sharing space underlining body positivity. Her impulse for initiating WODANCO came from experiencing throughout her career the necessity of working together as opposed to competing. The project aims to challenge a patriarchal system by emphasizing the need to activate more solidarity networks in the field of dance. Therefore, the goal of WODANCO is to facilitate a safe and brave space for womxn to come together, share experiences and support each other. During a 3 month workshop where, we will come together once a week to research how we can nourish trust in each other as womxn, being in contact and sharing our weight using contemporary and improv dance methods. We will challenge competition and isolation in the field and ease the distance that the pandemic created when we lost touch.

WODANCO is designed in three blocks for three months, meeting Wednesdays from 18-19:30 Block 1: De-construct: More than a body Jan 18 & 25 Block 2: Connect: Trust and Sharing Feb 8, 15 & 22 Block 3: Re-connect: Support. March 8, 15 & 22 Research findings at the end of the course will include open discussions and talks for sharing experiences of the process and possibly a performance with the collection of movements from the workshops on March 26th. Note: what do we mean by ‘Womxn’? To preface: trans women are women, that is a fact. In consideration that gender can be fluid and complex, we want to use a more encompassing term. In choosing the word ‘womxn’ we hope not only to welcome cis and trans women, but also any non-binary, intersex, gender fluid or femme person who feels that the topics worked on in WODANCO relate to their experiences. If any terms we use carry negative connotations for you, please make us aware as we are always learning.

Buddy Massage Workshop

Sunday 22 Jan, 17-19:00

Pay what you can from 5 euros

Are we ok? How did we arrive here?

What are we carrying with us? How can we build trust?

To release? Safely? Intimately? Collectively?

This workshop wants to find ways alternative to images and words, ways to share and recall knowledges, relate and release, and allow playfulness in communal spaces. In buddy massage participants come or are paired with a buddy with whom they will learn and practice a routine, giving and receiving movements that can improve blood circulation and ease tensions. We touch above the clothes, we adapt positions for both bodies and all bodies and it’s thought of as a simple and everyday practice.

*Buddy massage is a technique in development adapted from the teaching of Nuad Bo-Rarn Thai Massage at ITM school in Amsterdam.

About the Instructor: Julia Bande is a cultural worker and massage practitioner with an audiovisual and cassette label background from Chile based in Rotterdam. With an interest in sharing knowledges and feminist decolonial practices, she has been working with massage to listen to, play with and care for social relations. Julia is a member of the collective space Varia in Charlois where with attention to collective approaches to everyday technologies, she has been a part of projects like Feminist Hack Meetings, Digital Solidarity Networks, and A Traversal Networks of Feminist Servers.

Research Week: Habits

Suze and three other dancers from Artez worked on her project ‘Habits: a structured insight into my messy brain’ for the first Research Week at CORPO. They filled the wall with their notes and findings and shared the improv exercises they worked with during the week with visitors.

It was lovely to host a new project with new makers and to see them take the space as their own!

Thank You

We're truly grateful! Wishing you lovely and warm holidays, and see you next year!

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