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We are OPEN

Hello lovely people,

CORPO has come a long way, but its only the beginning

In this month's newsletter you can read about the studio's opening, projects, and program of classes and open days.

The Studio

CORPO is ready After lots of work from many helpers, the studio is ready to host our program of classes, residencies, showings and community gatherings. This month, the studio has gone from an empty room to a warm and welcoming space...

Our First Research Week!

Welcome Suze Vonk! Who decides what a habit is? What makes a habit a habit instead of a pattern? Is a habit still a habit when you do the action with awareness?

Suze (she/they) is our first Research Week! She will explore habits through dance by herself, with other dancers, and with anyone who wants to stop by and participate during the two sharing moments. Drop by CORPO the evening of Thursday December 1st (specific times will be shared soon!) to join in on Habits Cafe where Suze is hosting conversations about habits and what they mean to you. Then on Saturday the 3rd of December from 13-16:00 you can come by to see the exhibition that was created throughout the week.

Opening Celebration

Thanks to everyone that came to celebrate with us!

We were astounded by the amount of love and support that everyone brought with them. It was the perfect beginning of what we hope to be a flourishing community initiative. Photos by the amazing Manon Verplancke (insta: @manonv_photography)

At the opening we also got to make the first community art project, bringing the shadows of everyone enjoying the evening onto one sheet of paper. A fantastic visual of ‘our bodies of art.’


Partner Acrobatics at CORPO!

Lily&Janick came to CORPO to rehearse their show, Kaleiding shortly after the opening. Performed on a floor of mirrors, the show is a play between light and reflections, illuminating new perspectives of partner acrobatics.

The duo also explored the height possibilities of the CORPO during their rehearsals!

Thanks to them also for being huge helps in getting the studio set up!

Thank You

You're really fantastic Thank you so much for your support and interest in our brand new initiative, we hope to see you around! Have a lovely November and see you next month!

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