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Happy New Year News

Hello lovely people,

We hope you all had fantastic, warm and cozy holidays. In this month's newsletter you can read about our upcoming massage and community movement workshops, our January Research Week with Christopher McAuley, and about some makers who have been working at the studio.

Upcoming Events

Buddy Massage Workshop 22nd of January: 17-19uur with Julia Bande Pay what you want from 5 euros

Are we ok? How did we arrive here? What are we carrying with us? How can we build trust? To release? Safely? Intimately? Collectively? This workshop wants to find ways alternative to images and words, ways to share and recall knowledges, relate and release, and allow playfulness in communal spaces. In buddy massage participants come or are paired with a buddy with whom they will learn and practice a routine, giving and receiving movements that can improve blood circulation and ease tensions. We touch above the clothes, we adapt positions for both bodies and all bodies and it’s thought of as a simple and everyday practice. *Buddy massage is a technique in development adapted from the teaching of Nuad Bo-Rarn Thai Massage at ITM school in Amsterdam.

About Julia Julia is a cultural worker and massage practitioner with an audiovisual and cassette label background from Chile based in Rotterdam. With an interest in sharing knowledges and feminist decolonial practices, she has been working with massage to listen to, play with and care for social relations. Julia is a member of the collective space Varia in Charlois where with attention to collective approaches to everyday technologies she has been a part of projects like Feminist Hack Meetings, Digital Solidarity Networks, and A Traversal Networks of Feminist Servers.

Untold Stories of Community Living: The Movement Workshop Edition

12th of Feb as part of Rotterdam Art Week

14:30 - 16:30

Free entry

How can we cultivate autonomy in our bodies as well as our neighborhoods?

How can we learn to adapt to the ever-flowing movements of our socio-political environments?

How can we foster collaboration, compassion, trust in our interactions?

The current complex and intertwined global crises we are experiencing urge us towards radical change in a variety of fields. One of those is how we organise housing and our living together. Our current individualistic ways seem to not serve or satisfy many of us anymore.

As part of our series of events on community living, in collaboration with The Space 010, we are organising a movement workshop, to explore this topic through what we at CORPO cherish most - our bodies! We will use our bodies to talk about and investigate what principles, behaviors and ways of being are needed when participating in a community.

Through dance and movement exercises, alongside facilitated conversations, we will dive into the challenges, as well as the benefits that community-based ways of living and organising bring. We will also have the chance to meet a well-versed Rotterdam community, as our studio is hosted by the W1555 residents association.

Research Week

The Skin You're In with Christopher McAuley

Combining multiple forms of visual and audio art, showing a detailed look at the beauty of skin. Using projections to cast upon the audience, the walls, the artist... creating an immersive world of skin texture and visible flaws.

"I aim to use videography, projection, sound design, and contemporary circus technique to take an abstract look at skin texture in all its forms. As a solo circus maker, I am deeply inspired by identity, what makes us, us. Atopic eczema has been a part of my life since birth and hasn’t been easy to accept. From hospitalisation and many creams and ointments, certain things react drastically to my skin. I will use my personal experience to facilitate an immersive performance allowing space for personal reflection."

Christopher is a circus artist specialized in Trapeze from Belfast, Ireland. He moved to Rotterdam to study circus arts at Codarts and graduated in 2020. We are very excited to host his work and open discussion on his creation topic! You can come by and see what he is making during his Research Week at CORPO on Saturday the 4th of February anytime from 18 - 21:00 to see how he has used the space to research himself and the topic.


This month we had two renters at CORPO. We are so happy to be able to offer affordable creation space for makers, so here is some information about what they were working on.

Hold on Light An immersive experience into the dark. Photos by Lily Schlinkr

What happens on a stage after the show is over? When the applause dies out, the bar closes, and the technicians shut the door. Then the spotlight turns off and the ghostlight turns on. It marks the end of the human performance, yet it is the start for whoever wants to take the stage. In Hold on Light three performers unite the outer fringes of their circus practices. They will take you to a place where different realities exist and routines, laws and physics seem to slowly fall apart.

With Annika Hemmerling, Kolja Huneck, Luuk Brantjes. A production of TENT Amsterdam.

Pierre Roman

Circus show for Rotterdam seniors

In 2023, Circusstad Festival will bring a city parade based for senior citizens for the first time: a Senior Parade. With this residents of 10 nursing homes in the Rotterdam region will be treated to circus. Together with young circus maker Ralph Öllinger Circusstad is developing a circus performance that is suitable for the elderly in nursing homes in all Rotterdam neighbourhoods. Ralph is working together with choreographer Joost Vrouenraets in this unique project.

With Pierre Roman, Ralph brings to life a circus character from the past that is very recognizable for seniors. For some seniors, it may feel like they're living in a time where they don't belong. That's how the white clown, who only finds himself in the classic circus of yesteryear, also feels. The white clown provides memories of the past, a moment of relaxation and builds a bridge to the here and now. It is Ralph's goal to create a special experience for the seniors in which they go on a journey together with the clown of yesterday.

Thank You

Thank you again for your interest in staying up to date with and supporting our activities. We are looking forward to exploring what CORPO can be this year and sharing whatever that is with you!

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